Certificate in Pharmaceutical Technology

Pharmaceutical Technology Graduate Certificate

  • Credential can be studied, in whole, at NJIT in Newark.
  • Best suited for Chemical Engineering undergraduate degree holders or those willing to take from 1 – 3 ancillary courses.
  • Credential relates in its entirety to NJIT MS in Pharmaceutical Engineering.
    1. Principles of Pharmaceutical Engineering  (PhE 601)
    2. Pharmaceutical Processing and Manufacturing  (PhE 603)
    3. Validation and Regulatory Issues in the Pharmaceutical Industry (PhE 604)
    4. Select one from.
      a. Pharmaceutical Facility Design (PhE 602)
      b. Pharmaceutical Reaction Engineering (PhE 612)
      c. Pharmaceutical Separation Processes (PhE 614)

NOTE: Students who have taken NJIT’s WebMaster Certificate program are waived from MIS 625 and MIS 620.  These students should take MIS 678, MRKT 645, and select two courses from MIS 635, MIS 665, and MRKT 645.

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