MS in Biopharmaceutical Engineering

The focus of the MS Program in Biopharmaceutical Engineering  is to provide individuals with the knowledge needed to understand and apply sound engineering principles to the industrial production of therapeutics by means of biological processes. The use of microbial/biological systems and the manipulation of biological systems for the production of pharmaceutical products and therapeutic agents are becoming increasingly important for the health care industry as a whole.  This program is designed to address the educational needs in this area, with its main emphasis placed on the engineering aspects of industrial bioprocessing.  Students will be trained in areas such as microbial and cell growth operations, downstream recovery and bioseparation processes, bioprocess design, and validation and regulatory issues for biological production. Since this program is offered through the chemical engineering department and has strong ties to the pharmaceutical engineering program, the students will benefit from the use of basic chemical/pharmaceutical engineering approaches, such as transport phenomena and unit-operations principles, in order to understand and design bioprocesses for new biotherapeutics.

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