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1st Place Winners at the 82nd Annual AWWA Conference

Scott Quirie, Emily Heckman and Daniel Young, chemical engineering students, won first place at the 82nd Annual American Water Works Association (AWWA) NJ conference held on March 22nd at the Borgata Hotel in Atlantic City. The conference showcases the latest research, products and services within the water industry. The winning research poster was entitled "Feasibility of Nano-Ozone Bubbles to Treat Drinking Water", and focused on the application of ozone-filled nanoscale bubbles that possess great potential in the cleanup of both organic contaminants as well as pathogens. 

Pictured Daniel Young (bottom left), Emily Heckman (bottom middle), and Scott Quirie (top right). PhD students in Civil Engineering: Janitha Batagoda (top left) and Shaini Aluthgun Hewage (bottom right). Research professor Dr. Meegoda (back middle).​

Victoria Harbour Wins Third Place in Research Poster Presentation at Regional AIChE Meeting

Ms. Victoria Harbour, a junior chemical engineering major was awarded third place for a research poster presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Regional AIChE Conference held at Rowan University on March 25, 2017.

The topic of her research was NVU-on-a-chip: Multi-spectroscopic, flow-based platform to study in-vitro transient dynamics of the brain. Her research advisor is Professor Sagnik Basuray, an assistant professor in the department.



AICHE North Jersey Section Award Scholarship Presentations

The annual presentation of scholarships for chemical engineering students from NJIT and Stevens Institute of Technology was held at Stevens Institute of Technology on Tuesday, February 21, 2017. These scholarships are awarded to students with outstanding academic performance as well as an exemplary record in contributions to the AIChE student chapters. Several other NJIT students attended the dinner meeting which also featured a talk on Effective Interviewing.

The following are the awardees from NJIT:

  • James Wakerlik                       Otto H. York Award
  • Thomas Reardon                     Stanley S. Grossel Award
  • Robert Gwiszcz                       Outstanding Chemical Engineering Senior
  • Thomas Hopper                       Robert M. Brown Memorial Scholarship
(Pictured L to R: Katherine Gawel, Thomas Hopper, Robert Gwiszcz, Thomas Reardon, James Ligot, Krolina Wakulik and Dr. Reginald Tomkins) 


Dr. Gennady Gor, Assistant Professor, has published an invited review paper on adsorption-induced deformation of nanoporous materials in the journal Applied Physics Reviews. Nanoporous materials play an important role in many chemical engineering applications, in particular they are used as adsorbents. When fluids get adsorbed in the pores that are only a few nanometers wide, the intermolecular forces between the fluids and solids induce very high pressures. These pressures can reach hundreds of atmospheres and cause noticeable deformations even in stiff solid materials. The review paper discusses a variety of cases where these strains are significant: change of permeation of zeolite membranes, swelling of coal, etc. and presents the state-of-the art theoretical understanding of this phenomenon.

The paper is available online (open access) at

Kamalesh Sirkar, Distinguished Professor of Chemical Engineering, acclaimed  for his innovations in industrial membrane technology used to separate and  purify air, water and waste streams, and to improve the quality of  maufactured products such  as pharmacuticals, solvents and nanoparticles, has been named a 2016 Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors. Sirkar holds 29 U.S. patents and three in Canada. He is best known for developing the concept of membrane contactors. 

He will be inducted this April as part of the 6th Annual Conference of the  National Academy of Inventors at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum in Boston. Andrew H. Hirshfield, the U.S. Commissioner for Patents, will give the keynote address at the ceremony.        


Dr. Ecevit Bilgili, Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, has been invited by the US Pharmacopoeial Convention to give a talk at the USP Workshop "Nanomedicines: Technical and Regulatory Perspectives" on March 20-22, 2017 in Rockville, MD.

Further information can be found at the link below:

2016 Excellence in Research Prize and Medal Recipient

The NJIT Board of Overseers is proud to award Dr. Rajesh N. Davé, distinguished professor in the Otto H. York Department of Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering, its ninth annual Excellence in Research Prize and Medal.
The ceremony recognizing Dr. Davé and the first airing of the video overview of his research will be streamed live Thursday, Oct. 6, at 5:30 pm ET. For a live streaming link go to

Chemical Engineering Professors Issued Patent

Dr. Ecevit Bilgili, Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, received the patent “Systems and Methods for Superdisintegrant-Based Composite Particles for Dispersion and Dissolution of Active Pharmaceutical Agents” issued on September 27, 2016 as Patent No. US 9,452,107 B2.


  • Ecevit Bilgili (Primary Inventor)
  • ​Rajesh Dave 
  • Mohammad Azad
  • Anagha Bhakay


Dr. Kamalesh Sirkar, Distinguished Professor, received the patent “System and Method for Continuous Polymer Coating of Particles” issued on September 27, 2016 as Patent No. 9452930.   



  • Kamalesh Sirkar (Primary Inventor)
  • Robert Pfeffer
  • Dhananjay Singh
  • Dengyue Chen 

​​NJIT Graduate Student Receives Awards at an International Conference​

Ms. Na Yao, a 3rd year PhD student in Chemical Engineering, supervised by Distinguished Professor Kamalesh K. Sirkar and Professor Boris Khusid in the Department of Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering attended the Engineering Conference International (ECI) Advanced Membrane Technology VII during Sept. 11-16, 2016 in Cork, Ireland.  This meeting attracts experts and researchers in membrane separation technologies from all over the world, including North America, Asia, Europe, Africa and Oceania. She presented a poster on her research efforts supported by the Membrane Science, Engineering and Technology (MAST) Center, and won the Student Poster Presentation Award in the competition among the students from top universities, such as Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Imperial College London.  Ms. Yao received a partial travel stipend from the U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) for her participation at the conference.

Winner of the 2016 ITP Poster Awards

Mehnaz Mursalat, graduate student, Otto H. York Department of Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering Department was selected as a top poster presenter at ITP 2016. Mehnaz is advised by Dr. Sagnik Basuray, Assistant Professor, Otto H. York Department of Chemical, Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering. The 23rd International Symposium on Electro- and Liquid Phase-Separation Techniques was held on September 18-21 in Minneapolis, MN.