Seminars @ 2:45 PM --- Refreshments @ 2:30 PM

All Seminars will be held in Cullimore Lecture Hall 3 unless indicated otherwise.

Seminar Coordinator: Professor Kathleen McEnnis, 973-596-6598, kathleen.mcennis@njit.edu



January 22

Pablo Debenedetti, Professor and Dean for Research, Princeton University. “Computational Investigation of the Phase Behavior of Supercooled Water” in Eberhardt Hall, Rm 112. 


January 29

Joseph W. Krumpfer, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Physical Sciences, Pace University, “Surface Modification of Inorganic Oxides via Silicone Equilibration Reactions at the Liquid-Solid and Vapor-Solid Interfaces” in Cullimore Lecture Hall 3


February 12

Yaowu Hao, Associate Professor, Department of Materials Science & Engineering, University of Texas at Arlington, in Cullimore Lecture Hall 3


February 19

Daniel Steingart, Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment, Princeton University.  "Exploring and Exploiting Often Unwanted Coupling in Closed Electrochemical Energy Cells" in Cullimore Lecture Hall 3


February 26

Dev Chatterjee, Energy and Environment Directorate, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, “Technetium at the US Department of Energy sites: From fundamental chemistry to its detection and remediation” @ Cullimore Lect. Hall 3



March 12

Spring Break


March 19

Ilgaz Akseli, Director – Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, Celgene Corporation,  Role of Materials Science and Predictive Modeling in Pharmaceutical Development in Cullimore Lect. Hall 3


April 2

Miguel A. Modestino, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, New York University.  “Artificial Photosynthesis Engineering: Towards Scalable Solar-Chemical Reactors in  Cullimore Lecture Hall 3


April 9

Andrea J. Vernango, Associate Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering and Department of Biomedical Engineering, Rowan University. In Cullimore Lecture Hall 3


April 16

Jenny Lockard, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Rutgers University - Newark.  "Spectroscopic Investigations of Metal-Organic Framework Materials" In Cullimore Lecture Hall 3


April 23

Amrinder S. Nain, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Tech. In Cullimore Lecture Hall 3