Miscellaneous Information

Policy on Withdrawing from a Course

Students will not be allowed to withdraw from a course after the ninth week of the semester without obtaining the signatures of the department chair, faculty member involved and the Office of the Dean of Student Services.

Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education Program gives the student an opportunity to enhance the academic degree program. Early in the second year, interested and qualified students with grade point averages of 2.2 or better may apply for co-op.  Co-op consists of supervised, paid employment related to the student's area of study.  Participation in co-op extends the minimum time required for the degree program to four and one-half or five years.  A limited number of summer internships are also available.  A substantial salary, which helps defray college and other living expenses, is earned during co-op work periods.  ChE 310 and ChE 311 may be used for additive credit only.

Further information may be obtained from the Office of Cooperative Education and Internships and from the co-op Advisor, Dr. Gordana Obuskovic


Students who expect to receive their degree in May must apply for graduation from November through mid-December. October graduates must apply for graduation from June through mid-August. January graduates must apply for graduation by mid-October.

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

The American Institute of Chemical Engineers has a very successful student chapter at NJIT. The Chapter usually meets every week during the Monday common hour.  Meetings include talks by professional engineers, plant trips and a variety of social activities.  The officers of the Chapter will be pleased to meet with you. 

Location:  Tiernan 103.  Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Angelo Perna

Omega Chi Epsilon

Omega Chi Epsilon is the national chemical engineering honor society.  It is intended to honor students of merit. Members pursue many activities beneficial to their own professional advancement and that of their colleagues, the profession and the department. Tutoring and external public service projects are two of the activities in which the members participate. 

Location: Tiernan 103.  Faculty Advisor: Dr. Angelo Perna


Exit Interview

All graduating seniors are required to arrange an interview with Dr. Lisa Axe, Chairperson, towards the end of their final semester. Please check with the department for interview schedule.