Technical Electives Concentration Area

Seniors in chemical engineering are strongly recommended to use their three technical electives to form a "concentration" area. The undergraduate advisor for chemical engineering must be consulted to assure a coherent selection of electives.

The concentration area can be based in engineering, science, or mathematics.  Students are encouraged to build a concentration in an area of personal interest, perhaps in preparation for future endeavors such as employment or graduate school.  In the absence of a technical concentration area, one of the electives must be within chemical engineering.  The choices of the remaining two technical electives should be approved by the advisor. 


Students should always consult the current university catalog for prerequisites and course descriptions of all electives.  Since courses, especially electives, are usually not offered every term, it is important that planning, in consultation with the departmental advisor, for the concentration area occurs before senior year.  Recognition should also be made that not all courses listed in the current university catalog are offered every year.  Therefore, for courses outside of chemical engineering, it is advisable that the home departments of desired courses be contacted to verify future course offerings.

Generally, a technical elective may be any 300-level or higher course from engineering, science, or mathematics. Students with a GPA greater than 3.0 may request enrollment in a concentration-appropriate graduate course.  If appropriate, students may request one semester of independent study in active research within the concentration area provided the effort is supervised by a research-active faculty member. 

While there are many possible concentration areas, some example concentration areas are listed here: 

  •     Chemistry
  •     Bio/Pharmaceutical
  •     Environmental
  •     Applied Physics
  •     Pre-Med
  •     Materials
  •     Mathematics
  •     Polymers
  •     Bio-Medical