Seminars @ 2:45 PM --- Refreshments @ 2:30 PM

All Seminars will be held in CKB 116, Distinguished Lecture Series will be held in WEC, Highlander Lecture Hall. Xanthos Memorial Lecture, Eberhardt Hall Room 112

Seminar Coordinator: Professor Xiaoyang Xu, 973-596-5359, xiaoyang.xu@njit.edu

September 17

Distinguished Lecture Series, Daryl C. Chrzan, Professor ,University of California at Berkeley.

Mechanical Exfoliation as a Route to Nanomanufacturing of 2D van der Waals Bonded Heterostructures.

@ WEC, Highlander Lecture Hall


October 1

Distinguished Lecture Series, Donald T. Morelli, Chair and Professor 

Department of Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, Michigan State University

Structure, Bonding and Anharmonicity in Tetrahedrite-based Thermoelectrics

@ WEC, Highlander Lecture Hall 

October 8

Jun Ou Yang, Professor,  Hunter College of the City Unuversity of New York

Engineering of Ferroelectric Oxides for Energy Applications

@ Central King Building Room 116


October 24

Marino Xanthos Memorial Lecture, Karen Wooley, Texas A&M University

Functional Polymer Materials Designed for Advanced Applications and Sustainability

@ Eberhardt Hall Room 112


November 5

Derek Sant'Angelo, Professor , Rutgers University, Robert Wood Johnson Medical  School

The control of T cell effector functions by BTB-ZF transcription factors

@ Central King  Building Room 116



November 12

Ki-Bum Lee, Professor, Rutgers University

Bio-Inspired Nanotechnology Approaches for Enhanced Stem Cell Therapy

@ Central King Building Room 116

November 19

Distinguished Lecture Series, Karen Winey, Professor, University of Pennsylvania

Precise Polyethylenes that control Nanoscale Morphologies & Properties 

@ Eberhardt Room 112


December 10